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Tacos for Lunch

Ty and I have been scheming for a while. We knew we wanted to get Aliya a car for her birthday, but wasn't sure what car to get her, how we would surprise her with it, and if it meant that we'd get the "new car" bug and want to get new cars ourselves. Side... Continue Reading →

Pizza and a Show

"Any ideas for dinner again?" I almost responded with my snarky list of "Dinner ideas for when Ty asks for them", but another text came through. "It's state of the union day!" Oh, yeah! And it airs at 6pm PST, so that means it will be on during the time we're usually making and eating... Continue Reading →

You Can Call Me Al

10 miles outside Spokane, about to pick up Robin. We are ready for a great weekend with friends eating Mac and Cheese and drinking beer in the beautiful city of Coeur d'Alene. I take over the radio, because, let's face it... I'm just the hip guy whose music is obviously on point (See, Aliya, I... Continue Reading →

No resolutions. Just live.

2017 was another incredibly great, sad, scary, restful, and busy year. As Ty and I brought in the New Year on the Las Vegas Strip (which is incredibly quiet with no traffic), I stood there thinking, "Was 2017 a great year? Am I glad it's over?" I immediately thought of: Losing a close friend after... Continue Reading →

She passed!

I took Aliya to her driving test today, and she passed! "Back in my day" we took the driving test the day you were eligible to get your license. Now, you're able to take it as soon as you'd like, so long as you have a permit and passed the written exam. Now she waits... Continue Reading →


For my husband. For my niece. For Thunder, Lightning, and Kip. For my family. For my friends. For wine. For key lime cheesecake. And you.

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