Tacos for Lunch

Ty and I have been scheming for a while. We knew we wanted to get Aliya a car for her birthday, but wasn’t sure what car to get her, how we would surprise her with it, and if it meant that we’d get the “new car” bug and want to get new cars ourselves.

Side note: Ty and I have purchased new cars every 3-4 years. The last time we purchased new cars were one day apart from each other in 2014, so needless to say the bug is there.

Given that she turns sixteen in a few weeks, it was time for us to get serious. We narrowed it down to a Ford Focus since we all own Fords and have grown accustomed to them. Searching all over the Pacific Northwest, we found one 180 miles from home.

The night before we purchased, I started looking at the cost of Insurance. I braced myself for the sticker shock, but was more speechless than anything when I saw the quote. We went from $100 month for the two of us with two cars, to $349 with Aliya added. I told Aliya the amount it increased and that I was shocked that it tripled! Her response…

“Actually, it’s more than triple that amount.”

She got her new car and was definitely surprised.

Ty got a new car, and calls it the Batmobile (and I was not surprised).

I got Tacos for lunch, which was nice.

Li’s New Ford Focus Hatchback SEL
Ty’s new Ford Fusion Sport AWD

Published by Matt Dixon

I live in Wine Country. No, not the one in California. The other one in Washington state. This means enjoying wine comes naturally to me.

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