No resolutions. Just live.

2017 was another incredibly great, sad, scary, restful, and busy year. As Ty and I brought in the New Year on the Las Vegas Strip (which is incredibly quiet with no traffic), I stood there thinking, “Was 2017 a great year? Am I glad it’s over?” I immediately thought of:

  • Losing a close friend after he was shot and killed by a cop.
  • The fear in my mind the day Ty called and said, “There’s a shooter and the Mandalay Bay and we are running, running, running.”
  • The day Ty text me to say that our sister-in-law’s niece was shot at a school shooting.

My thought, “2017 was a year we were impacted by bullets.” This blog isn’t meant to be political, so I’ll stop there, but that was a tough reflection.

The next morning, I thought again, and remembered 2017 was there year where:

  • We had a long overdue vacation to Maui with Ty’s parents, where we enjoyed every moment together.
  • Ty and I took a week long vacation in New York City. No work involved. No family or friends tagging along. Just us. And it was fantastic.
  • The eclipse.
  • Aliya got her first “real” job, and decided to take a break from sports.
  • I got to visit Japan and China and experience two different cultures and eat wonderful food.
  • My team expanded, allowing us to focus on larger projects and clear backlogs.
  • I got to visit with my Aunt for the first time in five years (and see Brooks and Dunn with Reba!)

These thoughts came quick. They were great memories, and I know we had many, many more. And the year just flew by! It made me think, “Did I stick to my New Year’s Resolution?”… I couldn’t even remember what it was.

So, for 2018, there is no resolution. I’m just going to live. Life can be cut short and give your curveballs. Those are memories stuck with you forever. But if we just take a breath and recognize that each day something great can happen, then the better memories will stick out.

I look forward to reflecting on those this time next year.

(Love and miss you every day, Craig.)

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