$50 shipping, dust, and memories.

I was excited to pull out my “solar flare” lens cap from a kit I bought on Amazon a few years before the eclipse. I thought, “Solar eclipse? Solar flare! Of course that’s what it’s used for!”

Thank goodness for “The Googles”. I found out that the solar flare lens I had buried away was not certified to be used to take photos of a solar eclipse. In fact, it shouldn’t be pointed towards the sun.

This was a bummer. I knew that I wanted to take photos of this event. We were fortunate to live in the path of 97% totality, and a week prior to the eclipse we had found the perfect spot to setup! Although we purchased our glasses well in advance, I was kicking myself for thinking I was good-to-go with the camera.

So, for the next few days I watched different sites to see if I could get any last minute solar films to put over my lens. I felt doomed.

But, as luck would have it, I was able to purchase a verified filter on a reputable site. The only problem? The film was $25, and overnight guaranteed shipping was $50! I wasn’t going to spend $75 on film to get here overnight! That’s crazy talk!

Well, I am crazy, and I spent the $75. And I was very thankful I did, although I could have been more prepared.

The pictures turned out great, but it was the company of family that made it even better. We even took Kip!

Our view was in an area called “Jump off Joe”, and my in-laws, Ty, Aliya, Kip, and our family friends followed the dirt trail up the hill to watch the sky go dark. And it was a site to behold!


Published by Matt Dixon

I live in Wine Country. No, not the one in California. The other one in Washington state. This means enjoying wine comes naturally to me.

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